Every day your business creates content in the form of records, documents, emails, presentations, spreadsheets and more.

The content may differ in type — data, narrative, pictures and other media – and dimension, but it shares two characteristics in common: it is vital to your operations and it continues to multiply, sometimes at a staggering rate.

The ability to organize content separates “good” from “great” organizations. Why? Content management maximizes efficiency, ensures accurate information and simplifies communication. These organizational attributes cannot assure organizational success, but they are essential prerequisites to growth and profitability.

When it comes to Intelligent Information Management (IIM), the SharePoint platform system offers an optimal combination: affordability, familiarity, flexibility, scalability and ease of implementation. For these reasons and more, DocPoint Solutions chose to specialize in IIM solutions built on the SharePoint platform. Across hundreds of successful implementations – and a wealth of repeat customers – our decision has been validated over and over again.

We specialize in enterprise-class IIM solutions, but serve organizations of every size. The IIM experts at DocPoint Solutions offer:

  • Effective management of diverse content. We can help create a centrally managed repository with integrated search capabilities. This secure interface will help your staff find and share the latest information quickly and comfortably.
  • Management solutions for multiple websites. We can implement website publishing systems that will give you control over website publishing, increasing update speed and lowering IT costs.
  • Compliance-ready records management. SharePoint’s integrated records management solutions allow you to store and protect your business records in a form that meets all compliance and legal requirements.

For enterprise-scale businesses, DocPoint Solutions can create one integrated platform from which you can manage all your content regardless of your company’s size. At your choice, content and data from vendors, suppliers, your public site, your primary Intranet, and more can be included.

Our IIM solutions use the proprietary SOS framework to reduce the cost of development.