Without first understanding your company’s business, it is impossible to know how to address current needs and future requirements.

At DocPoint Solutions, our first and most immediate priority at the start of every new project is Business Analysis.

We employ specialists in executing such evaluations: business analysts. Depending on the scope of the project, either a junior or senior business analyst (BA) will go on site to document the project-related “as-is” business processes through customer interviews.  Then, the BA documents what the client possesses today and what the new solution will recreate, improve or eliminate. Beyond clarifying the status quo and envisioned future, this information serves as a useful resource when our developers begin solution design.

After data capture, detailed analysis begins. In this phase, the BA looks for several elements: workflow purpose, key steps, blockages, excessive redundancy and missing steps. Sometimes, identifying problem areas is as simple as applying a fresh set of eyes.

Then, the BA generates a document listing both the project requirements and the existing processes that would benefit most from modification. The articulation of the “should be” process incorporates the functionality that the client desires, along with the process improvements that the BA generates. It is not a final design document; rather, the “should be” process document presents a rough outline of a possible solution that all parties can review early in the design process to gain an approximate view of how much better the future will look.