A SharePoint governance plan describes the business-critical nature of the SharePoint implementation and provides the evidence for requesting the necessary personnel and capital investments.

Two key points predominate:

  • Governance in SharePoint is crucial.
  • Governance never works without business involvement.

The bigger your SharePoint implementation – and the more resources used – the more complex the governance plan should be.

SharePoint governance planning adds legitimacy to a SharePoint implementation. By defining the governance rules, roles and responsibilities, the business assures it has the resources necessary to make the SharePoint implementation a success.

Form the governance committee in the plan phase. Remember, SharePoint governance is not a means to force users to use SharePoint for certain efforts. SharePoint governance provides:

  • a vehicle for communication and education
  • a face to SharePoint
  • a means to introduce the platform to the client

The SharePoint governance committee embodies the vision the client holds for SharePoint. The committee’s top priority is to create the SharePoint governance document. It is the “face” of SharePoint and subject to continual updates.

DocPoint Solutions can help guide your organization through this process, identifying the roles and the responsibilities of the governance committee, developing the governance document and training employees on optimizing using SharePoint technology.