SharePoint search is an enterprise-wide tool that enables users to search for specific items, people and documents.

With each new release, Microsoft is improving SharePoint’s search capability. For example, SharePoint 2010 expanded the search capability to allow users to search by information type. This functionality allowed faster content location, reducing search time and cost.

DocPoint Solutions builds on this functionality by working with customers to set up their site in ways that minimize the time required to find a specific item. Using metadata-driven refinement and customizable search, items can be found almost immediately.

SharePoint 2013 adds even more refinements to SharePoint search. Users can limit results to likely candidates without having to open files. Specifically, the user can

  • Hover the pointer/mouse over the search result. The hover panel will reveal a preview of the document content.
  • Use file type to limit results. If the content sought is a Word or Excel document, the search results visually identify content by document type.
  • Look at specific blocks (groups). Search results appear in blocks (groups). If users are looking for presentations only, then they can just look through the group of PowerPoint presentations.

At DocPoint Solutions we keep ease of use at the forefront of everything we do. So, a primary consideration in setting up your solution is to apply practices that make finding a particular item fast and easy.