Success In 2020, A Record Business Year

Post by: Scott Swidersky

Our success in 2020 turns out not to be so genius after all. As we all found ourselves in February and March wondering what the next week would bring or what our elected officials would suggest we do as a business, QAI and DocPoint committed to the idea that the pandemic would become a year… Read more »

Docpoint Solutions Wins the 2020 NINTEX Partner Award for Business Excellence for the Sixth Time

Post by: Scott Swidersky

DocPoint Solutions, Inc. (DocPoint), a Konica Minolta company specializing in solutions architecture consultation, planning and design for Microsoft® SharePoint® and its integrated suite of products, is pleased to announce it has been named a winner of the 2020 Nintex Partner Award within the Business Excellence category. DocPoint was recognized for its proven ability to accelerate… Read more »

Created a One-stop Educational Resource for M-19-21 Requirements and Digitization

Post by: John Burgess

To help you meet critical M-19-21 compliance deadlines, our teams of records management specialists created the most in-depth NARA Readiness Center in the industry. It offers you a comprehensive set of tools and critical information to help you adopt the right measures for full compliance, whether you are a Senior Agency Official for Record Management… Read more »

Kicked Off Our Live! Educational Seminar Series on M-19-21 Compliance

Post by: John Burgess

With the initiation of our LIVE! M-19-21 Educational Seminar series last December, we invited both federal agency and private industry leaders in data management and record management compliance to present on a wide range of topics from NARA’s road map for M-19-21 implementation to records management regulations to resource requirements, digital modernization and more. The… Read more »

Launched a Comprehensive Approach to Accelerate Compliance for a Paperless Government of the Future

Post by: Scott Swidersky

“The EDGE22 launch is a result of continually listening to our customers and reviewing government mandates to provide services that keep up with the ever-changing needs of the federal government,” said Scott Swidersky, QAI President and Konica Minolta’s Vice President of ECM. “As a full-service solution, federal agencies can one, integrate compliance requirements and existing… Read more »

DocPoint Becomes U.S. Based Distributor of ShareGate Products

Post by: Tiffani Mitchell

To help you meet critical M-19-21 compliance deadlines, our teams of records ShareGate simplifies migration and management tasks for SharePoint, Office365, File Shares and OneDrive for Business for thousands of administrators and IT professionals around the world. A privately held company based in Montreal Quebec, ShareGate has been trusted by more than 10,000 organizations and… Read more »

QA Consultancy Has New Leadership

Post by: Dan Carey

In June, there was a change of leadership with the GLP Consultancy group of Quality Associates, Inc. Thirty four years since founding the company, Paul Swidersky, the founder and former president of Quality Associates has retired. Though it has been gradual and is still an ongoing process, Paul’s duties are transferring to Dan Carey, a… Read more »

Settling Into Our New COVID-19 Safe Location

Post by: Scott Swidersky

It was critical that our new facility be a safe work environment for our staff. In order to achieve this goal, our business quickly modified numerous aspects of the facility. A Site Safety Leader was identified to carry out these changes. QAI and DocPoint adhered to Konica Minolta’s plans for safe work environments and quickly… Read more »

What We Have Learned This Year – How COVID-19 Has Changed the Industry

Post by: John Mancini

According to the industry association AIIM, “Digital Transformation is more than conventional change. Digital Transformation is about doing things differently—and doing different things as well. And different not just for the sake of being different, but in support of the key strategic objectives facing every organization in the age of digital disruption … However, a… Read more »

Technology in the New Decade – Cognitive Technology

Post by: John Mancini

The manual processes and paper documents that we’ve grown to know and love (?)—or at least have grown comfortable with (!)—must change; the old ways will no longer suffice. We are on the cusp of a dramatic inflection point in both the volume and variety of information that must be managed—creating new records management challenges—and… Read more »

Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative – FADGI Guidelines and Compliance

Post by: Michael Pitts

In 2007 the federal government agencies began a collaborative effort to articulate “common sustainable set of technical guidelines, methods, and practices for digitized and born digital historical, archival and cultural content.” This effort led to the creation of FADGI (Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative) standards—a four-star ranking system for image quality. Higher star ratings relate… Read more »

Looking Forward – Preparing for the Year Ahead

Post by: Scott Swidersky

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a life-changing event for all our businesses and agencies. It has left businesses and agencies scrambling to pivot, while others have been forced to shut down entirely. If businesses have learned anything throughout 2020, it is that major changes could happen anytime and being well prepared is a crucial aspect… Read more »