Electronic Records Readiness: A Practical Path to M-19-21 Compliance

March 25, 2020

Federal agencies have less than three years to shift fully to electronic records management. Successfully making that transition entails far more than simply digitizing existing records. It will require a solid plan of action that incorporates the reinvention of current business processes, dramatically different approaches to content classification, new systems that are digital throughout, and records management professionals who are far more strategic and empowered in their roles. To put those essentials in place, agencies will need additional budget and — most importantly — executive-level support for what is a foundational modernization effort. Please join us for our second event* in this series exploring the challenges and opportunities that come with the government’s push to paperless records management, and what that means for 2020 and beyond.


  • The records management requirements of M-19-21 and their real-life implication
  • Identifying gaps in existing records management systems
  • Building e-mail management approaches
  • Cloud considerations for next-gen records management
  • Automating information processing and classification
  • Making the budget case
  • Developing a plan for broader agency buy-in and meeting compliance requirements
  • NARA’s evolving role — key milestones and available assistance
  • Addressing the modernization requirements

*This the second of four events exploring the changes required to implement entirely electronic records management and comply with M-19-21. Videos of presentations from the first event, held in December 2019, are available here.