WEBNAR: How to Leverage the Nintex Suite of Process Automation Tools

Driving Real Time Workplace and Telework Transformation in Response to the COVID-19

Tuesday, May 12, 2020  @  2pm EDT

The global pandemic has forced prompt changes to our everyday lives both at home and at work. Government and private sector employees that have traditionally worked in an office are now at home full-time. With office work now being done remotely for the next month and potentially much longer, organizations must change­—and fast.

DocPoint will show you how to utilize the Nintex platform to quickly transform paper-based processes that require manual review and/or signature and shift this rapidly to an entirely digital environment.

Key examples include:

  • Procurement – rapidly create forms and route for review and signature
  • Employee Health Screening – determine who is well enough to return to work
  • Remote or Telecommuting Agreements – design and automate the on boarding of remote workers or contractors quickly
  • Design, process and review small business loan/financial applications or related high volume processing using robotic processing and intelligent automation
  • Design and manage business processes remotely without the need for in-person meetings

COVID-19 is driving the requirement for immediate business transformation.  DocPoint and Nintex have already developed these solutions and can provide immediate support for your organization’s need. Join us and see for yourself!

Docpoint Nintex COVID 19 Presentation