Building Workflows with Nintex Workflow for Project Server

Nintex Workflow for SharePoint is one of the most recognized workflow products for Microsoft SharePoint on the market today. However, did you know that Nintex also has a very powerful workflow product for Project Server?

Although it is possible to use Visual Studio and SharePoint Designer 2013 for workflow development, Project Server’s built-in workflow capabilities are lackluster, especially without a developer on hand. Fortunately, Nintex is able take Project Server beyond its out-of-the-box features and help you realize the software’s full potential.

Nintex Workflow for Project Server provides all the workflow-building features that you are accustomed to from SharePoint and even uses the same drag-and-drop workflow designer. It also offers a wide range of functionalities – most notably, the ability to connect with resources outside of Project Server. This capability allows project managers to access information from financial, HR, and billing departments to build more complete workflows. Imagine managing a project through Project Server and being able to collect the time that your resources spent on a project during a particular week week, and update your project plan through your time-keeping system – all automatically. Or, what if you could to assign tasks, automate email reminders to your team, and receive notifications when tasks are completed? All this, and more, is possible through Nintex.

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