InfoPath is Dead, Long Live the Form!

As we reported back in August 2013, there will be no further versions of the InfoPath desktop client or InfoPath Forms Services. Microsoft has been providing hints since early last year, and on Jan. 31, Microsoft made it official:

Microsoft gives little detail about the planned replacement for InfoPath – promising more information to come and simply saying they are “retiring InfoPath and investing in new forms technology across SharePoint, Access, and Word.” While Microsoft has not yet unveiled what this new technology will be, they promise to provide more detail at the SharePoint Conference in March.

So, what does this mean for companies or agencies considering using InfoPath? Should they use the technologies they have already paid for – InfoPath Client or Forms Services – only to find that in a few years, there will be issues when upgrading their system?

The answer may be to consider other, more stable options, with a planned future, such as Nintex Forms:

Why Nintex?

  • Nintex has a proven track record and a strong future in sight. Plus, Nintex Forms is already deeply integrated with the Nintex workflow engine.
  • The Nintex Forms mobile experience provides native applications for iPhone, iPad and Windows phones with Android coming this year.
  • Nintex Forms applications are capable of connecting multiple SharePoint farms, and connecting securely through the firewall via Nintex Live.
  • Nintex provides the ability to render forms on the Internet that can be secured with a range of identity providers (Microsoft ID, Google ID, Facebook ID) or made available to anonymous users. SharePoint connects securely from within the firewall to Nintex Live to collect data submitted over the Internet, which can then be used to drive workflows built with Nintex Workflow.

Join us here for a Webinar – Empower your Organization with Nintex Forms – on Thursday, Feb. 13, at 2 p.m. EST, where we will expand upon this topic and discuss how Nintex Forms might be a good fit for your business.