Is SharePoint 2013 Ready for the Internet?

With more than 150 million licensed users, SharePoint has become Microsoft’s most successful server platform ever.

We see customers using SharePoint for their intranet, as their main company portal, for collaboration and for document management. Advanced organizations are using SharePoint workflow or Nintex workflows to optimize business process and the FAST search functionality as their de facto method to find documents, not only within the SharePoint environment but also on their network shares.

The social aspects of SharePoint (Yammer, My Sites) are really taking off, and mobile access to internal content is being widely adopted.

But there has been a delay in using it for public-facing Internet Sites. Until the release of SharePoint 2007, Web content management (WCM) wasn’t offered, even then, licensing costs were a major hurdle. Many of those cost concerns were addressed in 2010.

With the release of SP 2013, you should reconsider; cost is no longer a barrier. There is no longer the need an internet connector license and, given the wide-ranging 2013 feature set, the price for WCM in SharePoint 2013 is incredibly competitive.

SharePoint is an excellent WCM platform and SharePoint 2013 has the full range of features you would expect from an enterprise-class WCM platform:

  • A fully customizable User Interface.
  • A suite of mobility support features, including browser detection and platform-specific content presentation.
  • Extensibility with .NET.
  • A robust back-end, including deep reporting and administrative capabilities.

But maybe the most compelling reasons are that SharePoint is very likely already in your enterprise and is familiar – keeping training and maintenance costs down.

Bottom line: SharePoint 2013 has a compelling feature set, a winning price and is familiar to all of the people you want to keep happy. That’s a combination that will make many organizations turn to SharePoint 2013 as a WCM platform for their public website.

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