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DocPoint Increases Revenue by More Than 85% with Nintex

The Need for Speed, Delivered

“When we talk to our customers about Nintex, we talk about speed,” says Scott Swidersky, President of DocPoint Solutions. “Our customers need easy-to-use workflow solutions, and they also want solutions that they can get to market fast, and Nintex delivers on both counts.”

“Demonstrating the drag-and-drop functionality is often what sells Nintex,” he states. “The interface is so intuitive that they can almost see their return on investment happening before their eyes.”

“Because Nintex offers a 70% faster learning curve than most workflow products, it’s easy for time-pressed organizations to see the value from a user adoption standpoint,” continues Swidersky. “Most users can get up and running quickly, developing simple workflows with minimal training. And to customers, that translates as ‘no downtime’, which is really meaningful.”

Nintex Offers Truly Collaborative Partnership

According to Swidersky, partnering with Nintex has broadened his company’s scope. “With some companies, partnership is nothing more than a reseller relationship,” he says. “With Nintex, we have the ability to truly function as a system integrator partner. The templates Nintex delivers with its software provide an environment in which we can function more strategically, fully testing a solution to ensure it’s a good fit for our customers.”

Nintex has also offered a clear, easy direction for DocPoint customers that had been using InfoPath-based solutions. “When Microsoft discontinued the InfoPath Client and Forms Services, many of our customers were concerned about the future,” states Swidersky. “Because of our relationship with Nintex, we were able to provide our clients with a more stable option for workflow management without skipping a beat.”

Swidersky says that Nintex offers a big opportunity for partners to add real value to their SharePoint practice. “Any solutions provider with a SharePoint-related offering should definitely look at Nintex,” he says. “With Nintex, we can offer a best-in-class, easy-to-use workflow solution that helps our customers get more from their ECM deployment—from within their existing SharePoint environment.”

“Through our partnership with Nintex, we’re able to offer our customers a more comprehensive portfolio of solutions,” says Swidersky. “We never have to put them into a position to turn elsewhere for forms and workflow.”

In a strategic partnership, solid support is always the key to success, and according to Swidersky, Nintex knocks it out of the park. “The Nintex support team and its approach to solving challenges is truly exceptional,” he says. “Their help desk is extremely responsive, and has never let us down, no matter what kind of issues arise.”

And from a business standpoint, Nintex provides comprehensive sales and marketing support so that DocPoint can succeed. “We receive a great deal of support and training so we can provide outbound marketing, host webinars, attend industry tradeshows, and even hold one-on-one sessions with customers,” states Swidersky. “We collaborate with Nintex on promotions that provide win-win situations for them and for us.”

The Sky’s the Limit with Nintex

Swidersky says that partnering with Nintex has made a huge difference in his business. “Our track record in terms of growth since we began working with Nintex has been tremendous,” he says. In 2013, DocPoint even received the 2013 Nintex Partner Award for Business Excellence.

The numbers certainly do speak for themselves. In 2010, when DocPoint began its partnership with Nintex, its revenue stood at $202,000. By 2013, the company’s Nintex sales had jumped dramatically to $1.5 million.

“The Nintex Workflow engine is so powerful, and commitment to partner support is so strong, it’s been a real game-changer for our SharePoint customers—and for us,” states Swidersky. “We strategically plan to more than double our Nintex sales in 2014.”

DocPoint Solutions

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“The Nintex Workflow engine is so powerful, it’s a real game-changer for our SharePoint customers—and for us.”
– Scott Swidersky
President, DocPoint Solutions


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