SharePoint Conference 2014 Best of Breed

What do Nintex, AvePoint, Metalogix, Concept Search, Collabware, and DocPoint Solutions have in common?

They are all best-of-breed solution providers who were all well represented at the SharePoint Conference 2014 held in Las Vegas this week. This annual event is the most popular conference that Microsoft organizes and hosts, attracting 11,000 people from a total of 82 countries across the globe.

Apart from attending the technical sessions at the SPC 2014, my main goal was to identify any potential partners that bring innovation and functionality to the SharePoint platform. With more than 180 exhibitors, this became a week-long exercise!

These exhibitors brought everything to the table, adding functionality to every aspect of SharePoint or offering benefits to existing third-party tools. One such example is ProSymmetry, a leading reseller of Nintex software solutions. ProSymmetry offers the only Digital Certificate Signature solution for Nintex Forms.

This type of interaction between the various vendors seemed to be much more pronounced at SPC 2014, more so than any other SharePoint Conference I had been to. Whether you were looking for a signature solution such as ProSymmetry, or a suite of tools such as Dell Software, vendors were more than willing to point you in the right direction to find them. While it might seem strange that one SharePoint vendor would send you to another, this is reflective of the many uses of SharePoint and the areas of opportunity that these vendors are finding.

Our strategy at DocPoint Solutions is to work with all the key technology providers in the SharePoint market so that we can deliver completely integrated solutions to our clients. We expect to announce further partnerships over the coming months.