David Licht

Senior Director, Global Regulatory Operations Allergan

DocPoint Solutions has been working with us over the past two years digitizing our paper-based regulatory files for our electronic archives. This allows us to easily retrieve and search for information without having to pull paper files, and allows us to more easily and readily support our commercial and R&D customers with accurate regulatory information. DocPoint Solutions has been a very important partner to Allergan on this project; and by the time this project is finished they will have literally been around the world with us, assisting our efforts on six of the seven continents. The DocPoint Solutions team has received great praise from the Allergan offices they’ve worked at as part of this project, and I’ve received many compliments from our international affiliates on their professionalism, expertise, and efficiency. It has been a great project with a lot of success stories all the way around, and having DocPoint Solutions on the team from the outset has been a big part of that.