Kevin Ultsh

Systems Analyst GlobeTax

After implementing SharePoint 2010, we discovered that we required additional workflow and reporting functionalities than the out-of-the-box solution provided. So, GlobeTax turned to DocPoint Solutions, who helped us create digital workflows and maintain our project reporting by using Nintex within SharePoint.

Working with our DocPoint architect, GlobeTax was able to create complex workflows in a very short amount of time. What would have taken us weeks or months, only took a few hours with DocPoint’s assistance. These digital workflows are also allowing our Client Services Department and our Operations Department to communicate more frequently and efficiently to effectively nurture and sign potential clients. In addition, DocPoint created a high-level report that aggregates data from thousands of projects and gives an overview of their completion. We continue to rely on on-going support from DocPoint to help us develop solutions to meet new business needs.