Users new to SharePoint often possess a variety of training needs.

Some seek to learn basic skills regarding how to use, operate and create SharePoint sites. Others may have higher-level needs, pursuing ways to be more productive when it comes to communicating, collaborating and using content. Regardless of which end of the continuum on which you fall, DocPoint Solutions can help.

At DocPoint Solutions, we recognize that users can obtain SharePoint training at unlimited sources. What sets DocPoint Solutions apart from other trainers is customization. We tailor instructional content to the specific training audience and focus on ways to make attendees – and their companies – more productive and efficient with SharePoint. Our presentations illustrate how SharePoint can help users perform their everyday job functions more efficiently without drastically changing the organization-unique communication and collaboration methods with which they are familiar.

SharePoint is rich in functionality. With so many features – and the ability to integrate with multiple products and systems – a comprehensive presentation would be overwhelming. So, DocPoint Solutions starts by familiarizing users with the basic functionality they require. In this way, they assimilate what they need to know to perform their everyday duties. Later, we promote greater learning – and higher adoption rates – by providing updates on functions that users might find beneficial.

Since 2007, DocPoint Solutions has successfully trained partners and clients on SharePoint use.

Who better to turn to for your SharePoint training needs?

Power User Class Outline

Power User-Training: “Using SharePoint in the Work Environment”
The outline below can be adjusted based on your students’ needs

Course Content:

  • Introduction to SharePoint
  • Navigating a SharePoint Site
  • Creating and Managing Sites
  • Working with Lists
  • Creating and Managing Libraries
  • Working with Library Settings
  • Working with Document Workspaces
  • Working with Meeting Workspaces
  • Working with Surveys and Discussion Boards
  • Working with Wikis and Blogs
  • Working with Web Parts
  • Working with Search
  • Working with MySites
  • Working with Alerts
  • Working with InfoPath
  • Overview of SharePoint Workflows
  • Security Roles and Permissions