In recent years, NHS Human Services has made a push to convert many of our corporate forms into electronic documents. Because we have a large corporate account payable department, we brought DocPoint Solutions onboard to convert our check request forms into an electronic format to automate workflows and improve productivity.

From the beginning, DocPoint demonstrated a high level of knowledge and responsiveness. We were most impressed with DocPoint’s approach – prior to implementation, the company performed a thorough analysis of our business requirements to understand exactly what we wanted to accomplish. DocPoint has been a great partner for us, not simply a solutions provider, and we are looking forward to working with them on future projects.

John Stone – Corporate Director of Accounts Payable and Purchasing: NHS Human Services

Professional Software Engineering (PROSOFT) possesses a team of highly skilled IT professionals that deliver integrated solutions for Department of Defense and federal customers. However, when we received a special project from a shipyard agency to implement a turnkey SharePoint enterprise content management (ECM) solution, we were faced with an extremely short timeline and had limited personnel available to carry out the job.

Needing a strategic partner that also helped us meet our small business goals, we brought DocPoint Solutions onboard due to its experience in the government sector and reputation for quick project turnarounds. Previously, the customer had been using file folders and network shares for document management, but after completing a large-scale network and infrastructure upgrade, it sought to standardize its ECM with SharePoint. In just six weeks, DocPoint assisted us in successfully designing, installing and configuring a turnkey SharePoint 2010 ECM solution, migrating more than 200,000 files from the customer’s Intranet, and training end-users.

Partnering with DocPoint was a win-win situation for everyone involved. The company’s staff was knowledgeable and personable and maintained communication with us as we worked towards a common goal. As a result, the project was completed on time and within budget.

Karen Hinson, PMP® – Systems and Software Engineering Program Manager: Professional Software Engineering, Inc.

Each individual Legal & General America department had its own document approval process. No common approach existed, whether the review process involved internal documents or contracts and treaties from outside parties.

We initially engaged DocPoint Solutions to simplify, standardize and automate approvals relating to reinsurance treaties to ensure these documents undergo all required approvals in a timely fashion, comply with strict audit requirements, create audit trails and reside in one secure place accessible only by authorized personnel. As DocPoint analyzed our business requirements, their grasp of our business processes indicated many more of our workflows could benefit from automation, especially our marketing, product implementation, risk management and finance processes. Interestingly, solution use for reinsurance treaties ultimately will comprise less than 2% of the technology’s overall usage.

DocPoint Solutions designed an attractive Microsoft solution complete with a comprehensive training plan to facilitate staff transition to automation. Technology is helping Legal & General America achieve timely approvals, interdepartmental collaboration, document security and audit compliance today, while scalability and flexibility assure the solution will meet tomorrow’s needs and anticipated growth.

Rajesh Krishnan – Assistant Vice President of Application Development: Legal & General America

Our development operations comprise 15 departments and approximately 120 personnel,” says Maxine Given, Senior Director of Finance and Development Operations, The Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine. “Until recently, we were all collocated, and staff benefited from the informal dialogue that naturally occurs among employees. When we decided to decentralize and move individual development offices closer to the clinics they serve, we wanted to use our existing SharePoint site as more than just a secure file repository. We wanted to make it a true communications vehicle for staff.

When I approached DocPoint Solutions with my redesign vision, the DocPoint staff encouraged me to take a step back from my conceptualization and actually speak to our users and non users. It was the best advice I’ve ever received. Our strategic analysis yielded a design that encourages use among staff, increasing site traffic and intra-staff dialogue. Innovations include providing a place to blog and another spot where staff can share thoughts in an informal way. Employees also can access the site and instantaneously see where we stand on our fundraising goals at any point in time as a whole, as an office or as an individual. It is a great motivation tool.

In fitting the technology to our specific needs, DocPoint helped us build a SharePoint solution that truly benefits communication and information sharing, the goals we set out to achieve. We may be physically dispersed, but SharePoint makes us feel like one cohesive unit again.

Maxine Given – Senior Director of Finance and Development Operations: The Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine

DocPoint Solutions has been working with us over the past two years digitizing our paper-based regulatory files for our electronic archives. This allows us to easily retrieve and search for information without having to pull paper files, and allows us to more easily and readily support our commercial and R&D customers with accurate regulatory information. DocPoint Solutions has been a very important partner to Allergan on this project; and by the time this project is finished they will have literally been around the world with us, assisting our efforts on six of the seven continents. The DocPoint Solutions team has received great praise from the Allergan offices they’ve worked at as part of this project, and I’ve received many compliments from our international affiliates on their professionalism, expertise, and efficiency. It has been a great project with a lot of success stories all the way around, and having DocPoint Solutions on the team from the outset has been a big part of that.

David Licht – Senior Director, Global Regulatory Operations: Allergan