Microsoft 365 is a collection of cloud base production service platforms and apps available via many subscription options.The M365 suite includes business intelligence tools for:

  • Content storage and Management (SharePoint)
  • Workplace automation, dashboard graphics (Power Platform)
  • Governance and Compliance (Purview)
  • Collaboration (Teams)
  • M365 subscriptions can also be combined with Azure resources such as hosted servers and Active Directory

When investing money in an enterprise management system, it is important to protect that investment and ensure user acceptance. The M365 suite comes with many bundled features that can be overwhelming. An M365 consultant can help you find the right Microsoft 365 apps for enterprise businesses like yours.Then, the consultant will work with you to implement the new system through appropriate training and data migration.

Project management can determine the success or failure of a project. DocPoint Solutions develops and adheres to a well-planned approach from start to finish, following the recognized stages of project management:

  • Project Conception and Initiation
  • Project Definition and Planning
  • Project Launch or Execution
  • Project Performance and Control
  • Project Close

These quantifiable measures help assess the value M365 brings to an organization:

1. Improvements in User Experience

The suite of available services and apps can help solve business problems and increase productivity. Consider the following scenarios:

  1. Are spreadsheets being emailed around, but no one knows which version represents the latest copy or what comments have been added?
  2. Do employees in different time zones need to collaborate on one document or project but allowing easy access to the appropriate material by the right people is difficult?

M365 can address both of these issues – and many more.

2. Increased Revenue / Decreased Costs

Aligning your modernization strategy and your business’ strategic goals makes it possible to bring in more revenue – a tangible result that shows on the financial bottom line of your organization. Our teams often discover that businesses and agencies already own the tools needed for process improvement in their existing M365 subscription. This alleviates the need to purchase new platforms and tools.

The Power Platform is a suite of apps designed to address end to end business solutions:

  • Power BI – data driven dashboards with insights from virtually any data source.
  • Power Apps – includes services, connectors as well as a data platform providing rapid low code development.
  • Power Pages – low code business websites that enable vital information and services to employees and customers.
  • Power Automate – configure and execute an unattended desktop process to handle redundant daily tasks. Additionally, create forms and workflows to streamline business processes available from anywhere.
  • Power Virtual Agents – create and design chatbots as convenient communication tools for you employees and customers.

This request is the most common one DocPoint Solutions receives. Yes, we certainly can help with Sharepoint migration tools. We have an extensive track record of successfully upgrading from on-prem to on–prem and on-prem to SharePoint Online (M365). There are out of the box tools that come with an M365 subscriptions and more options with third party apps which provide robust logging, flexibility and reporting statistics to confirm accuracy of the migrated content.

DocPoint Solutions leverages the resources, experience and expertise of the industry leader in process automation, management of content and archiving. We have a diverse group of resources across North America and globally as well. We’re in business to help you run your local or national business more efficiently and effectively so that you can provide the best services possible. Our consultants work with you at every step to ensure a seamless transition to your new M365 environment. We also provide post-implementation training and support, so you’ll always have an expert resource to turn to.

In addition, DocPoint’s status as a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Service (FSS) contract holder often translates to quicker, easier approvals for government agencies. GSA, through FSS, negotiates and awards long-term contracts that allow businesses to purchase products and services directly from commercial suppliers. Vendors that possess GSA FSS contract vendor status offer fair, competitive pricing and excellent service – so you can get your project approved and started when you need it.

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