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If you are considering an upgrade to the latest version of M365 the experts at DocPoint Solutions can ensure a smooth migration. We work with multiple vendors to assess your migration needs and match the right tools to the project. This approach limits downtime and end-user disruption during the transition.

Key issues involved in migrating content from file shares, on-premise SharePoint, and ECM repositories into M365 include:

Data Loss Prevention

Have a plan in place to prevent data loss during the migration process. This may include creating backups of the data, or using a migration tool that has built-in data protection features.

User Experience

The migration process should be designed to minimize disruption to users. This may include migrating data in phases, or providing users with access to a temporary workspace while the migration is taking place.


It is important to ensure that the migrated data is secure by encrypting the data during the migration process, or implementing security policies in M365.


Conduct a risk assessment, or implement a data retention policy to ensure the migration process complies with all relevant regulations.


The cost of the migration process will vary depending on the size and complexity of the data being migrated. Be sure to factor in the cost of the migration tool, as well as the cost of any additional resources that may be required.


The time required to migrate data will vary depending on the size and complexity of the data being migrated.