Deploying M365 successfully, optimizing its use, and aligning your content management strategy with business objectives requires skills beyond those found in-house. In this series of workshops, DocPoint shared best practices and case studies illustrating how to leverage your M365 investment.

Past Webinars.

WEBINAR: Teams For Everyday

HOW TO MANAGE AND TRACK PROJECTS FROM A MICROSOFT TEAMS INTERFACE. Informative session on managing IT projects and tracking analytics from a Teams interface. As we strive to streamline business processes and create compatibility from any device, the simplicity utilizing a single interface is always a simplified path. In this webinar, we will review interface […]

WEBINAR: Deliver Better Public Service with Automation

DATE: Wednesday, June 28, 2023 TIME: 11AM EST The mission of public sector services is often defined as serving the people, by the people. Automation delivers greater productivity and satisfaction at work, which benefits the employee, the organization, and the citizen. Please join us as we cover these essential topics: What is automation and why should I use […]

WEBINAR: Automate Smarter & Faster with Nintex Workflow Cloud

ON DEMAND: Watch anywhere, anytime Part 1: What’s New Nintex Workflow Cloud® puts The Power of Process® in your hands. Part 1 of our digital process automation event, Automate Faster & Smarter with Nintex Workflow Cloud is now available on-demand. Over the course of three virtual sessions, you’ll experience what’s new with our next-generation cloud platform […]