Every industry faces unique challenges and requirements when it comes to managing content.

Real differences exist between publicly and privately owned firms, government and commercial organizations and nonprofit and for-profit enterprises. Many face stringent federal, state and local laws and regulations, while others operate with less government oversight.circle_chart_high

Still, every organization shares a requirement to keep data secure and control file access. All strive toward a common goal of being more economical and efficient by automating business processes and organizing content centrally for quick and easy retrieval.

At DocPoint Solutions we understand that effective content management requires equal understanding of your business environment and your business operations. DocPoint also knows the correct focus is not just addressing today’s needs. It’s about maintaining the past and anticipating the future.

Our understanding is a byproduct of practical experience. Our customer list reflects virtually every business vertical including health care and life sciences, banking and financial services, technology, communications, insurance, legal and more. Our clients include federal, state and local governments as well as private businesses and organizations of every size. What’s more, our customer list reflects satisfied customers who willing provide references and testimonials to our capabilities.

Thus, we possess a huge advantage before undertaking any project: experience in your business sector. What we don’t know about your specific company operations, we find out through detailed analysis. Our consultative approach assures that we understand who you are, what you do, how you do it and how you can do it better with technology.

As technology experts, we understand both the SharePoint platform and ways to augment its functionality. Whether you wish to better leverage the SharePoint technology you have today, adopt SharePoint as your ECM solution or upgrade to a newer SharePoint version, DocPoint Solutions has the background, industry experience and staff to achieve your vision.