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M365 provides a comprehensive set of tools that can be used to improve information governance. By utilizing these tools, organizations can protect their information, comply with regulations, and reduce the risk of data breaches, but full utilization requires assistance from an expert with a full understanding of M365 capabilities.

Organizations can utilize the native capabilities of M365 to improve information governance in the following ways:

Classify and label information

M365 provides tools for classifying and labeling information based on its sensitivity and importance. This helps organizations to protect sensitive information and ensure that it is only accessed by authorized users.

Manage Retention Policies

M365 provides tools for managing retention policies, which can be used to automatically delete or archive information after a certain period of time. This helps organizations to reduce the amount of data they store and to comply with regulatory requirements.

Track and Audit Access To Information

M365 provides tools for tracking and auditing access to information. This helps organizations to identify who has accessed information and when, which can be used to investigate security incidents and to comply with regulatory requirements.

Protect Information From Unauthorized Access

M365 provides tools for protecting information from unauthorized access, such as encryption and access controls. This helps organizations to prevent data breaches and to comply with regulatory requirements.

Recover From Data Loss

M365 provides tools for recovering from data loss, such as backup and restore. This helps organizations to minimize the impact of data loss incidents.