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Organizations should consider the specific needs of their business when moving to M365. For example, organizations that need to comply with specific regulations may need to take additional steps to ensure that M365 meets their compliance requirements. When moving from older content management platforms to M365, organizations should consider the following issues:

Data Migration

The process of moving data from the old platform to M365 can be complex and time-consuming. Organizations should carefully plan and execute the migration process to ensure that data is moved accurately and securely.

User Training

M365 is an intricate platform with many features. Organizations should provide users with adequate training to ensure they can use M365 effectively.


M365 offers a variety of security features, but organizations should still take steps to protect their data. This may include implementing additional security measures, such as two-factor authentication.


M365 offers several compliance features, but organizations should still assess their compliance needs to ensure M365 meets their requirements.


M365 is a subscription-based service, so organizations should carefully consider the cost of M365 before making the switch.


M365 offers a variety of support options, but organizations should still determine which support options are right for them.