The DocPoint team discussing a project

A technology strategic plan is important before beginning any technology project because it helps to ensure that the project is aligned with the organization’s overall goals and objectives. It also helps to identify the resources that will be needed for the project, and to develop a timeline and budget. Additionally, a technology strategic plan can help to mitigate risks and ensure that the project is successful.

To build an effective technology strategic plan, an organization must have the following skills:

Strategic Thinking

The ability to think strategically about the organization’s goals and how technology can be used to achieve them.

Business Acumen

The understanding of the organization’s business model and how technology can be used to improve it.

Technical Expertise

The knowledge of the latest technologies and how they can be used to solve business problems.

Project Management

The ability to plan and execute complex projects.


The ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders, both inside and outside the organization.

Change Management

The ability to manage the change that inevitably comes with implementing new technologies.

Organizations often have some — but not all — of these skills in-house. In addition, internal politics and a lack of business/technology alignment can cause even the best-intentioned technology initiative to fail. DocPoint has the skills and experience necessary to overcome these obstacles.