Businesses create and process millions of documents daily. They also deal with capturing and storing content that can take a multitude of forms.

Storage and retrieval, particularly of hard copies, can be labor intensive and costly. Plus, recipients can never be sure whether the information obtained represents the latest version or includes all the necessary changes. Simply put, commercial enterprises need an effective way to capture, store, manage, archive and deliver documents, files and other forms of content within the company and share it with outside entities. An enterprise-wide electronic content management (ECM) solution built on the SharePoint platform addresses each of these challenges in an efficient, cost-effective way. SharePoint’s configurability allows companies to do business using optimized versions of their own processes, not someone else’s vision of how things should work. Ease of implementation, low maintenance costs and user adoption provide some of the reasons why an estimated 78% of organizations rely on SharePoint for content management.

DocPoint Solutions’ 500+ customers include industry leaders representing virtually every business vertical.