Over the years, DocPoint Solutions has developed a reputation as a trusted SharePoint integrator for federal, state and local government agencies. Having originated as an affiliate of QAI, our parent company with roots deep in the government sector, DocPoint possesses the expertise needed to deliver cost-effective, secure enterprise content management (ECM) solutions that comply with the industry’s unique regulations.

Why SharePoint for Government Agencies?

As legal mandates to cut costs, eliminate paper and comply with Section 508 proliferate, government agencies are looking for a reliable, user-friendly and secure means for sharing information. As your trusted SharePoint advisor, DocPoint can help you overcome these challenges and uncover the following benefits and more:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Most agencies already possess an enterprise license agreement (ELA) by virtue of their Microsoft Office purchase, so there are no new licensing costs with SharePoint. Also, maintenance fees are kept to a minimum, as SharePoint is highly configurable and flexible.
  • Secure & Efficient Collaboration: SharePoint enables the right people to collaborate on the right information while maintaining a compliant, safe and secure environment. At the same time, you’ll reduce paper for better organization, use of resources and space utilization.
  • Greater User Adoption Rates:  Users are familiar with Microsoft products so the transition to SharePoint is typically swift. With higher adoption rates comes greater employee productivity and ROI in the form of operational efficiencies.

Based near the nation’s capital in Fulton, Md., DocPoint is on the GSA Schedule 70 – Contract # GS-35F-0654W. On a daily basis, our government clients find that their SharePoint solution economically provides all the central management, governance, and security controls they need while promoting information flow. Contact DocPoint Solutions today to learn more about how we can help your government organization.