SharePoint deployments require consideration of the hardware and software requirements, service applications, information architecture and more.

DocPoint Solutions applies Microsoft best practices when providing clients SharePoint architectural services.

DocPoint Solutions provides a full range of architectural services including:

SharePoint Deployment Planning

  • Physical and logical architecture design
  • Integration design for SharePoint and network infrastructure
  • Taxonomy planning
  • Capacity planning
  • High availability planning
  • Service application planning
  • Information architecture

Information Architecture

  • Sites and site collection structures
  • Content modeling and content type definitions
  • Metadata schemas and taxonomy management
  • Search integration
  • Managed administration

SharePoint Assessments

DocPoint Solutions can review your current SharePoint environment and make recommendations based on best practices to optimize both the performance and structure of your farm. Our review culminates in a document detailing the current state of your farm and delineating specific recommendations to optimize your environment based on our assessment of current farm topology and current information architecture.


Architecture Design for SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 has both a physical architecture and a logical architecture. Understanding the architecture is a key prerequisite to every SharePoint deployment design.

Physical Architecture

Five basic models illustrate physical architecture approaches for on-premise SharePoint 2013 deployments.

Streamlined topologies
This model offers a streamlined approach to topology building.
Search architectures
This model describes the search components and architectures for SharePoint Server 2013.
Enterprise search architectures
This model describes the enterprise search architectures for SharePoint Server 2013.
Traditional topologies
This model provides an overview of topology concepts for SharePoint 2013.
Multi-farm architectures
This model provides architectural guidance for multi-farm deployments of SharePoint Server 2013.

Logical Architecture

The six models and design samples below present logical architecture considerations for an on-premises deployment of SharePoint 2013.

Corporate portal with host-named sites
This design sample illustrates the architecture for a corporate portal with host-named sites.
Corporate portal with path-based sites
This design sample illustrates the architecture for a corporate portal with path-based sites.
Extranet with dedicated zones for authentication
This design sample illustrates the architecture for dedicated zones for authentication model.
This model describes the SQL Server databases that are integral to SharePoint 2013.
This model provides information about services that are available in SharePoint Server 2013.
Mobile architecture
This model provides an end-to-end understanding of the SharePoint 2013 mobile ecosystem.