In late 2017, Microsoft released a sneak peak of its SharePoint Server 2019 product. Scheduled to be released in mid-2018, improvements were made to empower users to share and work together, optimize business processes and to harness collective knowledge.

Here is a look at the biggest improvements that will be made available to users in the coming months.

1 – New Admin Center.
SharePoint will be introducing a brand new Admin Center that will allow users to gain more visibility of all sites and activities in one place. This will include a new homepage displaying SharePoint and OneDrive notifications as well as a “recycle bin” which can recover the deleted sites.

2 – Migration Tool.
Newly designed to move content from SharePoint Server sites to Microsoft’s cloud-based SharePoint Online service in a much more efficient process than before.

3 – Compliance and Security.
Microsoft added “data residency and compliance” capabilities for both SharePoint Online and OneDrive, which are being called “Multi-Geo Capabilities in Office 365.” Organizations will be able to determine which users reside in which geographical locations, and apply policies depending on where they are.

4 – New Hub Sites.
Users can create a new hub site or designate an existing one, and then connect any other sites to that hub site with one setting. Those sites will inherit the navigational structure and the look and feel. Further, the news and activity feeds will roll up into the hub site.

5 – Personalized Search.
Users will experience faster search capabilities. When a user clicks the search bar, they will immediately see the most recent and relevant data before having to type a single character. Additionally, search results will be organized by content type and can be interacted with without having to leave the results page.

These are just a few of the new features that will be available with SharePoint 2019. Remember that before beginning any type of implementation or upgrade, it is essential to complete a business analysis effort to make sure the changes in the SharePoint platform are compatible with the business plans to migrate, design and configure solutions.