Typically, business subsidiaries and their parent companies function independently, with separate ownership, goals and clientele. DocPoint Solutions and QAI continue to break this mold, operating interdependently to fulfill the needs of a wide range of organizations.

Today, the two companies remain unwavering in their ability to work together to deliver quality solutions, services and support. Without a doubt, this successful synergy stems from each entity’s ability to serve a unique purpose. On one side of the equation, QAI specializes in data capture initiatives – converting, scanning, classifying and digitizing information. Although these services streamline the document management process and help clients reduce costs, save time and operate more efficiently, what happens when the client wants to collaborate on these documents or search and retrieve this information? This is where DocPoint comes into play, providing consultative enterprise content management (ECM) services and support to help clients input, store and share information across the enterprise.

With QAI’s document imaging solutions and DocPoint’s ECM services, clients have a single resource for everything that is document management. For instance, a client may come to QAI for the digitization and classification of records, and then bring in DocPoint to enable seamless search and retrieval of these same documents through an ECM platform like SharePoint. Or, a client could turn to DocPoint to lead a SharePoint migration and then realize that it could save additional time and effort by reducing paper through QAI’s scanning and archiving services.

“About seven years ago, QAI formed DocPoint in order to help solve the growing challenges of managing enterprise content,” Scott Swidersky, president of DocPoint, said. “Since then, we’ve proven both companies’ value in meeting our clients’ individual requirements as well as their hand in our overall establishment’s growth. The synergy between the two is stronger than ever and shows no signs of slowing down.”