DocPoint Solutions recently inaugurated a social media initiative, reinvigorating the company’s presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, while adding new Google+ and YouTube sites. In 2013, there is no doubt that social media is a premier resource for sharing and collaborating with customers, prospects, partners and the general public.

DocPoint sees its multi-channel presence as both a communication and an education vehicle for followers. “Social media extends our outreach abilities greatly,” says DocPoint President Scott Swidersky. “There is a whole new audience for our message, as well as offering a new channel to a group of clients and partners who simply prefer to interact by social media. Social media offers a platform to interact, share our business philosophy with other companies, talk about industry trends and collaborate with other thought leaders. What’s more, social media allows dialogue to occur, something that simply isn’t possible with other outreach modes. Dialogue provides feedback, which helps us better target and readjust. ”

Success in social media – increasing reach every day – is all about quality content, timeliness and interaction opportunities. Toward this end, the signature block of every company email now provides icons linking to our social media sites, as do our newsletters and marketing campaigns. We post weekly content to our pages, offering a mix of company culture, business offerings, announcements and special information from our partners. We hope there is something for everyone.

More and more  friends, partners, customers, prospects and employees are joining our discussions and learning the latest news from DocPoint Solutions. So “like” or “follow” DocPoint solutions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ today to gain insider tips on the latest in SharePoint, learn industry trends and best practices, view informative videos, articles and press releases, and much more.

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