Ray Carter

Accounting Manager

“Working for QAI and DocPoint Solutions has been a challenging and enjoyable experience for me. I enjoy the professional interactions as well as the stimulating and thought provoking verbal exchanges with the employees,” said Ray Carter, QAI’s accounting manager.

Ray has served as the accounting manager for QAI (as well as for DocPoint Solutions after the affiliate’s birth in 2008) since 2004. As accounting manager, Ray handles the general ledgers, creates the financial reports, and oversees accounts payables and receivables for both companies, among other duties.

Throughout his professional career, Ray has held various accounting positions, including serving as an accountant for Our Lady of Victory Catholic Parish & School in Northwest Washington, D.C.; controller for the engineering firm Delon Hampton & Associates; and controller for TYS Inc.

In his spare time, Ray serves as a CYO Basketball coach for St. Mary’s of the Mills School in Laurel, Md. He has also been on the other side of the coaching experience as a running back for the University of Maryland Football Team that played in the 1978 Sun Bowl. Ray takes great pride in his association with the University of Maryland, where he earned a business degree. However, since childhood, he has been a “die-hard” University of Southern California (USC) fan. Ray is also an avid tennis player and fan, and lives in Laurel, with his wife, Lori, an elementary school teacher.

Carmen Hidalgo

Accounting Clerk

“There’s nothing better than the feeling of accomplishing a task while learning something new,” said Carmen Hidalgo of what she likes about her current work at QAI. “I love that QAI is a family-owned business. And, no matter what you do, you have to love the people you interact with on a daily basis. That is a key reason that I’ve worked here for six years.”

As an accounting clerk, Carmen is responsible for processing accounts payable. Her duties range from approving invoices and entering them into QAI’s accounting software system, to tracking incoming monies to pay vendors, all while maintaining an open line of communication with them.

Carmen began her career in the accounting field in 1995, and held positions with The Brickman Group and RG Group before coming to QAI in 2007.

“I have always enjoyed working with numbers,” she said. “I get a rush when my numbers match what the computer-generated reports show.”

Notably, Carmen was raised bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish and spending her summers in Ecuador with her cousins. Now married with a family of her own, Carmen is raising her three children bilingual as well in hopes of giving them greater appreciation for different cultures.