Wow, what a year on so many levels for each and every one of us. For most people, 2020 could not have gone away more quickly. QAI and DocPoint found the year offered a unique opportunity to evaluate the resilience of our team and really bring into question how we as a business would overcome all of the obstacles the pandemic forced us to consider. QAI and DocPoint are so grateful to the clients that continued to support us and the business partners that relied on us to advocate for them throughout the year. While our clients in some cases had a need for us to provide traditional ECM services and support, we found that we needed to embrace their unique requirements in so many different ways. Our fiscal year doesn’t end until March 30, 2021 but as of right now we are having the biggest year in the history of the company. This success is attributed to several things: a loyal client base, an incredibly spirited staff, and tough leadership.

Moving forward into 2021, it’s likely that the working environment will continue evolving to be consistent with our new reality for at least the first six months of the calendar year. I believe the modifications and changes we make to support this new reality will carry forward as positive adjustments for our clients’ needs and the efficiency of our own business. Our client’s projects have become extremely challenging due to the considerations that we are both facing for the first time. We will continue to drive our teams to effectively meet our client’s requirements and expectations as they are presented to us.

Scott Swidersky
Vice President