More often than not, a typical technology integrator or vendor will use PowerPoint or WebEx to provide an overview or demonstration of its solutions and capabilities to potential and existing clients. But DocPoint isn’t your typical technology provider.

To help us better demonstrate the solutions we offer and how they integrate with one another, we’ve carved out a separate instance of SharePoint 2013 and loaded it with all of the tools we integrate. This instance of SharePoint has become known as “DocPoint LIVE.” An encrypted, secure intranet site, DocPoint LIVE enables us to show clients real-time configurations of SharePoint and its various third-party tools, such as Nintex, AvePoint, CoSign and Microsoft CRM, to name a few.

“We had been providing professional demos on the product lines we represent, but we didn’t have tangible examples to show,” said Scott Money, DocPoint’s director of technology and solutions. “Now, DocPoint LIVE has become one of the key tools that we internally rely on to provide real-time, real-life examples
of our offerings to our clients.”

Currently, DocPoint is using DocPoint LIVE for demos as needed and requested by clients. In addition, the company is leveraging the intranet site to help support internal development efforts. Want to receive a real-time demo of our solutions via DocPoint LIVE? Contact us: