Michael Ratigan, Vice President of Sales

At DocPoint Solutions, it’s not one thing that makes us unique. It’s a combination of experience, staff, business approach, technology knowledge and partners.

We grew out of a document conversion and management firm with almost 30 years’ experience, so our subject-matter knowledge of document management is unparalleled. Few companies possess the credentials or depth of experience we do in both the public and private sectors and across so many industry verticals.

DocPoint Solutions was among the first companies to see the potential of the Microsoft SharePoint platform for enterprise-class electronic content management (ECM) solutions. It’s no exaggeration that marketplace resistance was prevalent early on. Firms would readily adopt SharePoint as a collaboration tool, but they had no intention of using it for their ECM system.

Then and now, we are working hard to change that mind set by bringing an innovative approach to the marketplace. We don’t attempt to fit customer needs to our solutions. We align technology with our customers’ business objectives. We take the time to analyze each company and understand the business processes at work. Based on this detailed understanding, we design custom solutions capable of fully meeting business requirements across the entire organization.

As system integrators, we then build and deploy the solutions we design. And, when unique requirements exist, our knowledge of available third-party technology and our comprehensive partner network enable us  to meet those needs seamlessly.

Most important of all, we develop and implement precise training plans to facilitate and promote user adoption. A solution’s viability is just as connected to user adoption rates as it is to meeting prescribed requirements. So, our trainers assure that staff fully understand all the features and functionality before we consider any implementation complete.

The flexibility of the SharePoint platform means our solutions can evolve as a business grows and changes. Our longevity as a business organization means DocPoint will be there as a trusted partner, today and tomorrow, to assist that growth and change.

Any vendor can sell out-of-the-box solutions responsive to a single need at one point in time. DocPoint seeks to establish long-term relationships built on trust and confidence across the life cycle. That’s our philosophy and our promise to our customers.