In our last newsletter, we advised that it is not quite time to update to SharePoint 2013 until the release of the first service pack. Since then, four updates have been released, and we are seeing more and more customer interest in upgrading. Apart from the fact that it is the latest edition and folks don’t want to build on outdated technology, here are our top five reasons that are driving SharePoint 2013 adoption:

SOCIAL:  Adding a social dimension to SharePoint with Yammer, a discussion board, and a Facebook activity stream, 2013 encourages user participation with a contributor leaderboard, badges, and a point-awarding system.

PUBLIShING AND BRANDING:  Design and brand a SharePoint site with minimal SharePoint knowledge.

INTEGRATION:  Easily integrate 2013 with other Microsoft products, including Office 365, to ensure document security and compatibility with programs used by third parties.

MOBILE:  Enhancing the “mobile experience,” SharePoint 2013 is accessible on a multitude of devices, helping users stay connected from virtually anywhere.

SHAREPOINT APPLICATIONS:  Download applications from external sites or even design your own.

Despite SharePoint 2013’s new repertoire of mobile and social functionalities, many users may be hesitant to upgrade, dreading the headache of migrating their current SharePoint environment. Sure, 2013 is more complex than previous version and offers more bells and whistles, but the upgrade is not nearly as daunting when you turn to DocPoint Solutions. For more than six years, we’ve been helping customers successfully upgrade their SharePoint environments. Our approach is simple: we evaluate your business needs, combine that knowledge with our project management and SharePoint expertise, and carry out a successful deployment. So, are you ready to upgrade?