Despite the great promise of turning to cloudbased solutions to support information sharing across an enterprise in a more cost-effective, scalable and secure manner, the transition to the cloud has been slower than expected for many organizations. However, a company that embraces a total paper-to-cloud solution will be best equipped to manage its ever-growing quantities of critical data.

A recent survey conducted by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) for our parent company Konica Minolta found that just 25 percent of respondents indicated they run a completely paper-free environment while another 46 percent of respondents noted that the demand for paperless is gradually on the rise. In the same study another 19 percent of respondents noted a rapid increase in paperless demand.

Today, it’s nearly impossible to discuss content services (CS) without mentioning the cloud. According to AIIM, respondents’ top reason for turning to cloud-based CS is to reduce costs associated with IT resources. In addition to saving back-office costs, a paper-free process can also speed up a company’s customer response and improve the customers’ experience.

What does a paper to cloud transition mean in the CS world? Instead of doing back file capture and then designing a day-forward strategy, imagine capturing content using your existing multi-function device which now has a workflow that not only enables it to analyze and send documents to the appropriate folder within a CS system, but also extracts pertinent data from those documents so it’s ready for your staff to use right away—and that’s just the beginning.

With this wealth of data available electronically, companies can work on business process automation. Companies can realize new efficiencies by initially conducting a business analysis, determining which of its current processes can be automated and creating the appropriate workflows within their CS system. Further, by transitioning from an on-premise solution into a cloud-based solution these workflows are available to employees whether they are working on site or off. This provides even more efficiencies throughout the business, as the move to the cloud reduces infrastructure costs.

Despite some stubborn holdouts, many enterprises are making an undeniable shift away from paper and physical storage toward cloud-based solutions. This shift will continue as the amount of data multiplies prompting more and more organizations to embrace a cloud–based solution.

DocPoint Solutions leverages synergy with its parent company Konica Minolta, which excels at managing the print aspects of content, as well as digitizing content, along with Quality Associate’s (QAI’s) customized document capture and imaging solutions. The result is a complete paper-to-cloud solution under the same umbrella. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business transition from paper to cloud.