Rajesh Krishnan

Assistant Vice President of Application Development Legal & General America

“Each individual Legal & General America department had its own document approval process. No common approach existed, whether the review process involved internal documents or contracts and treaties from outside parties.”

“We initially engaged DocPoint Solutions to simplify, standardize and automate approvals relating to reinsurance treaties to ensure these documents undergo all required approvals in a timely fashion, comply with strict audit requirements, create audit trails and reside in one secure place accessible only by authorized personnel. As DocPoint analyzed our business requirements, their grasp of our business processes indicated many more of our workflows could benefit from automation, especially our marketing, product implementation, risk management and finance processes. Interestingly, solution use for reinsurance treaties ultimately will comprise less than 2% of the technology’s overall usage.”

“DocPoint Solutions designed an attractive Microsoft solution complete with a comprehensive training plan to facilitate staff transition to automation. Technology is helping Legal & General America achieve timely approvals, interdepartmental collaboration, document security and audit compliance today, while scalability and flexibility assure the solution will meet tomorrow’s needs and anticipated growth.”