The Hybrid SharePoint Environment

Closer integrations between SharePoint and Office 365 indicate that the future of SharePoint is a completely online environment. Yet, many organizations have records management plans, security requirements and protocols that prohibit moving all their content to the cloud. So where does that put SharePoint? While most DocPoint clients still prefer an on-premise SharePoint environment, more […]

A Closer Look at SharePoint 2016

Over the past decade, SharePoint has become an essential tool in enterprise content management (ECM) and with each version of SharePoint there are changes. A key part of determining if a new SharePoint version is the right fit for your business is evaluating the changes and new capabilities the solution provides. SharePoint 2016 is the […]

Ensuring Success with a New Synergy

Since its inception in 2008, DocPoint Solutions has operated interdependently with its parent company, Quality Associates Inc. (QAI). Handling the beginning of the enterprise content management (ECM) cycle, QAI specializes in data capture initiatives—converting, scanning, classifying and digitizing information. From there, DocPoint provides consultative ECM services and support to help clients input, store and share […]

Positive Impacts that Change Business

QAI and DocPoint Solutions’ 8th annual user conference was a huge success! The event, held at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., brought together industry experts, thought leaders and technology professionals to discuss positive impacts that change business. From content management tools and cloud solutions, to process automation and collaboration platforms, our user conference covered today’s […]

Intranet Portals: SharePoint Leads the Way

Enterprises across all industries have long been turning to intranet portals to serve as a vehicle for everyday internal communications. While there are many portal solutions on the market, Microsoft SharePoint is becoming the platform of choice for a growing number of organizations. With this uptick in SharePoint portal implementations, DocPoint set out to find […]

Message from the President

It’s an exciting time for DocPoint Solutions. Technology trends, like the cloud and mobile, are no longer simply trends, and SharePoint continues evolving to unveil even more capabilities beyond enterprise content management. As a company, we are grateful to have our clients, partners and stakeholders along for this ride. In 2014, we experienced significant growth […]

What’s Next in the Sharepoint ECM Evolution?

We all know that Microsoft SharePoint originated as a collaboration platform, helping organizations share information and manage documents. However, like any other technology, SharePoint has evolved over the past decade, growing into a full-fledged enterprise content management (ECM) solution, with seemingly endless possibilities. But, what’s next? Today, everyone talks about “big data.” Enterprises have prolific […]

Continued Synergy Continued Success

Typically, business subsidiaries and their parent companies function independently, with separate ownership, goals and clientele. DocPoint Solutions and QAI continue to break this mold, operating interdependently to fulfill the needs of a wide range of organizations. Today, the two companies remain unwavering in their ability to work together to deliver quality solutions, services and support. […]

Sharepoint 2013 Migration: Tips, Tricks and Myths

We often hear stories about how in-house SharePoint migrations fail, especially as more organizations are making the jump to SharePoint 2013. As an integrator, DocPoint has seen its fair share of these attempts, as well as heard numerous migration misconceptions. Frequently, companies think that they can just detach and re-attach the database and be done. […]

Microsoft Azure – Taking the Enterprise Cloud by Storm

Cloud computing has, without a doubt, gone from the next “hot” tech trend to an everyday staple within the enterprise. It’s no surprise that Microsoft has capitalized on the power of the cloud, bringing us the Microsoft Azure (formerly Windows Azure) cloud platform in 2010. Since then, this infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution has […]

Introducing DocPoint Live

More often than not, a typical technology integrator or vendor will use PowerPoint or WebEx to provide an overview or demonstration of its solutions and capabilities to potential and existing clients. But DocPoint isn’t your typical technology provider. To help us better demonstrate the solutions we offer and how they integrate with one another, we’ve […]

QAI Gives Back

Since its inception, QAI has been a community-minded organization, always giving back to local charitable organizations in a variety of ways. This past November, QAI supported its fifth Fish for a Cure (F4AC) Tournament, which directly benefits breast cancer programs within The Geaton and JoAnn DeCesaris Cancer Institute at the Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC). […]