Employee Spotlights

Ray Carter Accounting Manager “Working for QAI and DocPoint Solutions has been a challenging and enjoyable experience for me. I enjoy the professional interactions as well as the stimulating and thought provoking verbal exchanges with the employees,” said Ray Carter, QAI’s accounting manager. Ray has served as the accounting manager for QAI (as well as […]

The QAI/DocPoint Synergy

In Chinese philosophy, the yin and yang represent contrasting forces that are interdependent and complementary to one another. The relationship between QAI and DocPoint Solutions is similar— while separate entities, the two are interconnected. When we established DocPoint in 2008, we did so in response to the growing number of organizations struggling with inputting, storing, […]

QAI Doubles Revenue In 2013

As 2013 came to a close, QAI nearly doubled its revenue, accruing more than $30 million over the course of the year. While the company has been unwavering throughout its 27-year history, this significant upsurge reflects QAI’s continued ability to stay atop changing industry trends and adapt in order to best meet client needs. One […]

DocPoint’s Sharepoint Solutions Design Strategy

As Microsoft SharePoint has evolved, the same is true for the challenges that adopters face. Now, many organizations are realizing that although SharePoint has solved their initial problems, they have not actually thought their ECM strategy all the way through. In order to address these issues for our customers and prospects as we continue to […]

Ready to Make the Jump to SharePoint 2013?

In our last newsletter, we advised that it is not quite time to update to SharePoint 2013 until the release of the first service pack. Since then, four updates have been released, and we are seeing more and more customer interest in upgrading. Apart from the fact that it is the latest edition and folks […]

Employee Spotlight

Pete Smith,  SharePoint Engineer “Working at DocPoint can be challenging at times, but that’s what I like about my job. I tend to thrive in stressful situations,” said Pete Smith, a SharePoint engineer for DocPoint Solutions. “Plus, I get to experience a broad range of technology on a daily basis.” Originally a QAI employee for […]

The DPS Differentiator

When Microsoft Sharepoint first began to take off, IT departments found themselves overwhelmed. With little to no formal SharePoint train-ing, they faced the heavy burden of the increasing number of support requests, system changes and enhancements, and often could only provide a basic configuration of the platform. As a result, SharePoint adoption suffered and many […]


When DocPoint Solutions (DPS) was founded in 2008, it came into the world at the height of the economic downturn. In fact, between 2008 and 2010, more than 170,000 small businesses in the U.S. closed their doors. DocPoint’s were just  opening, and they’ve stayed wide open ever since. 2013 has been another remarkable year for […]

DocPoint Solutions Launches Social Media Initiative

DocPoint Solutions recently inaugurated a social media initiative, reinvigorating the company’s presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, while adding new Google+ and YouTube sites. In 2013, there is no doubt that social media is a premier resource for sharing and collaborating with customers, prospects, partners and the general public. DocPoint sees its multi-channel presence as […]

Employee Spotlight – Melinda “Mindy” Harbaugh

“I am an organizer by nature,” say’s Mindy Harbaugh, DocPoint Solutions’ Senior Technical Project Manager. “Developing schedules and tracking milestones against them come naturally to me. Plus, nothing brings me greater satisfaction than being part of a team that delivers a great customer experience.” Mindy’s educational credentials prepared her well for the DocPoint position she assumed […]

SharePoint 2013 – Time to Upgrade?

Martin Hardy, Director of Solutions and Technology Now that the fanfare is over and SharePoint 2013 is several months old, what are people saying  about it? What are the new and exciting features that are going to make companies want to invest  in SharePoint technologies or upgrade their current SharePoint system? WELL, SOME OF THE TOP […]

Our Marketing Philosophy

Michael Ratigan, Vice President of Sales At DocPoint Solutions, it’s not one thing that makes us unique. It’s a combination of experience, staff, business approach, technology knowledge and partners. We grew out of a document conversion and management firm with almost 30 years’ experience, so our subject-matter knowledge of document management is unparalleled. Few companies possess […]